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Piotr Gwiazda
Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
University of Warsaw
Banacha 2,
02-097 Warsaw
phone: +48 22 5544456
fax: +48 22 5544700

Ph.D. Programme: Mathematical Methods in Natural Sciences consists of fifteen currently carried out Ph.D. projects combining analytical and numerical methods in fluid/solid mechanics and mathematical biology.
Project 1. Structured population models of cell aging and differentiation
Project 2. Structured population models in metric spaces
Project 5. Process stabilization and closed-loop control of nonlinear diffusion-reaction developments in structured populations
Project 6. Structured population models for predator -prey interactions. The case of Daphnia and size selective planktivorous fish
Project 7. Models of morphogen transport
Project 8. The issue of regularity for systems of complex flows based on the Navier-Stokes equations
Project 9. Regularity of solutions to nonlinear parabolic systems
Project 10. Analytic and numerical study of dislocation dynamics
Project 11. Analytic and numerical study of interacting particle systems modelling aggregation: from discrete to continuous models
Project 12. Novel massively parallel algorithms for solving nonconforming discretizations of PDEs
Project 13. Non-Newtonian fluids with nonstandard rheology
Project 14. Spatio-temporal dynamics of structured populations - the growth of epidermis
Project 15. Fluid model of crystal plasticity - mathematical properties and computer simulations
Project 16. Fundamental problems to equations of compressible chemically reacting flows
Project 17. Bio-flows in pipe-like domains: qualitative analysis, reduction to monodimensional models and numerical simulations
Project 18. Dirac concentrations in parabolic systems
Project 19. On various aspects of behaviour of polymers